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A Gift No Joy Can Bring

Brett Walker

Sometimes sadness fills you up and the emptiness vanishes,

You’re friends with the wounding silence,

And tears do not seem like something you shed out of mere hope

That once this ordeal passes by, you’ll be fine.

But tears turn into the despondence of the one who has given up all hope,

And is no longer anxious, no longer worried, hence no longer concerned about the sorrow

Because, sometimes when sadness fills you, you do not feel hollow anymore,

And that’s a beautiful gift even joy can’t give.

Serenity Amidst Chaos

I want to sit on a bench,

Palms on my lap,

Smile on my face

And calm in my heart.


I want to sit on a bench,

When the storm approaches.


My 29th Contribution to NaPoWriMo