I Bleed Words Sometimes


My contribution to InkBlood’s upcoming workshop subject “Lascivious Love”.




You see; letting go is never easy.

Love is a beautiful sentiment. You’ll know when it happens.

Sometimes, this love has to be nurtured for it to bloom. At other times, it just exists in its full glory. Either way, love is something you can never run away from.

And that’s what makes its beauty so terribly dangerous.

It jeopardizes our sanity and in turn, our life.

You’ve got to battle it out. Like a soldier on the battlefield fights for his life, you’ve got to fight for your sanity.

Things aren’t always black or white. They’re grey.

Love is that dark shade of grey you wished you were never acquainted with.

Yet it is the sheet tent you made as a child, to lie under. Do you know what I mean?

It’s an addiction, one that ruins you.

Yet you’re infatuated by it. You keep going back. You’re…

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