I Bleed Words Sometimes

Too weak to weep


A shiver down your spine. Pimples rising on your skin. A trembling hand and weak knees.

You let your heart go, race against the odds.

To run into the arms of misery, like it’s a long lost friend. The one returning home.

Are we not all wise men? Wise enough to know when to let go.

Are we not all lovers? Lovers that lose hope.


Sometimes at loss for words.

Sometimes the rising tide.

Sometimes just soil trampled under the feet of expectations.

Sometimes just empty space.

It hurts to write. It hurts to keep mum. It hurts to let you know. It hurts to hold it in. It hurts to cry out loud. It hurts to bite my lip. It hurts to pen it down. It hurts to burn it up. It hurts to swallow it down. It hurts to make it known. It hurts to get up from my knee. It hurts to fall back down. It hurts to thrive and swim. It hurts to sink. It hurts to laugh. It hurts to stomp my feet. It hurts to smile. It hurts to feel. It hurts to remember. It hurts to forget. It hurts to see. It hurts to turn a blind eye. It hurts to fall back. It hurts to move on. It hurts.

It hurts to be me.

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