I Bleed Words Sometimes

I regret letting people so close, they know exactly how to wound you.


When you sit at the porch,

Look over the mountains,

Do you see my face turn into the sun?


When you sit by the sea,

Watch the waves clashing,

Do you see me in the twirling whirls?


When you stand in the crowd,

Lost and alone,

Do you wish I was there beside you?


When you gaze at the horizon,

Away from a maddening life,

Do you wish for a companion too?


I see.

I wish.

All in vain.


You’re the dark thought that crosses my mind.

The curse on my lips.

The tear in my eye.

The aching throb in every beat.

I wish. We never were.

I regret, you.

One response

  1. so much of emotions…..! very well written.

    March 16, 2013 at 5:21 pm

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