I Bleed Words Sometimes

Cut me through. Bring me light.


A cold day brings comfort. It mirrors the weather of our hearts.

Yet brace yourself, is that what you really seek? Reality can be unforgiving.

Reality is the nightmare we live every day. Die every night. It's the comfort of the dark that lets me breathe.

For your wake is my pain, I fall and you're frail. The beauty of the dark exists till the light is shattered.

And the pieces of hope lie all around. They're like swarms of pests for a blanket. I run. I hide. It's me who's shattered.

For the dark stretches till the door, beyond everything is existence, hiding will hunted, Reality is your presence.

Heart of darkness is a treasure untold Shadows hold much answers to my cry. I look up to death like a child looks to her mother

The depths of these voids will wail, you can't writhe and break free, for you're bound to this life, to suffer or to live.

I will suffer & I'll win. I'll weep & I'll grin. For every breaking bone is witness of my strength. Broken smile's my trophy.

Don't throw yourself against those rocks, don't hurt when ripped, let those arrows pierce your heart. Steady my love, steady.


— Varun & Mitchelle

Author's note:

This is an amalgamation of a random conversation we both had. It's the musings of our hearts. It paints a picture. And each of you will be able to see a different story. Hope you guys like this effort. We'll work on some more. Cheers!

Checkout Varun's other works on http://www.lightningforthelame.blogspot.in/

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    January 25, 2013 at 5:02 am

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