I Bleed Words Sometimes

Walk until you lose the road

The silence on the streets and the dull thud of your shoe on the gravel is realization, of how detached you are from the world. Walk.

I hear the sound of my every move. I match it to the thumping of my heart. The universe is in place, my soul is at peace. I walk.

But the lash of somber and the wind carry the message, the stench of the asphalt and the soul hinged broken. I walk.

The bloody trail, the warmth on my cheek and the noises in my head sanctimoniously speak. I listen. I witness. I walk.

Everything seeps within; I push harder against the light, searching for a new meaning, something that might be right. I walk.

Closing myself to the scourges, I whisper to the strong woman inside the girl “search within”. I tumble, but I walk. I walk.

There’s a force, a drive that explodes in a million pieces. I walk to be free, I walk to be found and I walk to go nowhere.

I walk to go nowhere.



— Varun & Mitchelle

Author’s note:

This is an amalgamation of a random conversation we both had. It’s the musings of our hearts. It paints a picture. And each of you will be able to see a different story. Hope you guys like this effort. We’ll work on some more. Cheers!

Checkout Varun’s other works on http://www.lightningforthelame.blogspot.in/  


One response

  1. Mitchelle Rozario Jansen

    Thanks Shraddha! 🙂

    January 12, 2013 at 2:11 pm

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